Mr Rick Parkington, Norvin and Scott test ride

One of the things 'Must do' & 'Love to do' was to visit Mr Rick Parkington again. (Last time he lived in Edinburgh but it was much closer to London!)

Rex Acme 1927 350CC TT Model with a sprinting tank originally came with the bike. He did 70mph at Mallory but should be capable to do 80mph he says. If he had been smaller and skinnier, another 5mph could have been topped up easily!


彼の愛車の一台、レックス・アクメ。1927年製, 350ccのTT Model。ただの古いバイクとあなどることなかれ、この車両は80マイル(時速約130km)の最高速度を誇るマシンなのです。


Photo by Rick

Rick kindly let me have a go on his Norvin. As he explained, it was very high geared so I only managed to use 2nd most of the times when we had a ride in twisty roads. In decent length of straight roads, with opening the throttle widely, it roared gently and pulled my body steadily but quickly. The acceleration was not sharp but felt like flying close to grounds.

The speed was not working so I am not sure how fast that was but it was certainly more than 50mph but 3rd gear was more than enough and 4th was still not right to use it.



1948 Series B Rapide. There is a story about HRD on the timing cover but let's keep it for next time. 'Vincent' appeared on the cover from series C apart from the very beginning.

エンジンは1948年製の、シリーズBのRapide。タイミングケースに「Vincnet 」と入るのは、シリーズCから。これにもストーリーがありますが、またいつか。500ccのエンジンが2つ、フェザーベッドフレーム満杯に収まる姿は迫力ものですね。

Photo by Rick

One more test ride, Scott Flying Squirrel 600cc 1948! I always thought 2 strokes are not my cuppas but really enjoyed riding it. The noise was actually not that high pitch and it was strange feeling as if this noise penetrates me and that gives a big excitement which is quite addictive, want this again! Only 3 gears but it went very well so I did not feel I want another gear as I usually feel Triumphs and BSAs etc.


Real character!


Thanks a million, Rick!

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