Central Saint Martins Degree Shows 2013 snaps

A ordinary day in London with commuting on my Trumpet, popped in my friend place to disturb his preparation for the Cafe Racer Festival 2013 at Montlhery, went to Central Saint Martins Degree shows and bumped into Nick Ashley and rode back home. I felt I was still in Biarritz somehow. I already miss the days!! I bet you guys, too.

I am moving out from the UK soon, an ordinary day will not be an ordinary day anymore. I will certainly enjoy every moment here even commuting in the rain.

My daily working horse

 愛車で仕事場まで一走り、フランスで週末に行われるカフェレーサーイベントの準備で忙しい友人を冷やかしに一走り。その後は彼に誘われて、セントマーチンの卒業ショーにぶらり。そこでニック・アシュレイさんとばったり。Wheels and Wavesの話をしていると、ふとまだイベントが続いているような、不思議な錯覚。


BSA GOLD STAR 1954 dressed with Taylor Dow bits

My Friend, Mr JP will take this bike and Daytona Goldie to the Cafe Racer Festival at Montlhery this weekend. This bike was built by one of the first employees of Taylor Dow (Eddie Dow) Ltd, Mr John Gleed 30 years ago.

He was one of the gentlemen should have been in Biarritz!

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