Wheels and Waves 2013 at Biarritz: Part 02

Beautiful combi!

Oh yes!

Oh yes!


This was my friend lent from Vincent, Southsiders to travel to an airport at San Sebastian, Spain to bring the hired car which Mr Nick Clments was driving back.. We rode back from there to the lighthouse with 2 ups. My helmet looks like it was made for this machine! It is a Danilo (Pacto helmet)'s special creation for my request. And the suit case is from Globe Trotter. 

This was my first time to ride a Guzzi and it was the heaviest bike I ever ridden but the mild vibration at the low revs and smoothness at the high speed were beautiful.Thank you very much, Vincent!


友人のDanilo (Pacto Helmet)がわがままを聞いて製作してくれたヘルメットはこのモト・グッチのカリフォルニアに合わせて作られたように見えますね。あと、今回の旅をワンステップ、いやツーステップ豊かなものにしてくれたのが、Globe Trotterのスーツケース。ちなみにこれはCentenaryというモデルです。


Tasty Norton Domi

Team Ruby, Jerome and Julian

To be continued...

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