Clutch Magazine October Issue 2013, Wheels and Waves 8 pages!

Clutch Magazine October issue
クラッチ マガジン 2013年 10月号

Contributed about the fantastic event
'Wheels and Waves' organised by Southsiders.

フランスで行われたWheels and Wavesというイベントについて

8 pages in full colour!
Documents in Europe 2013 という特集内に8ページ!

Please have a look if you have a chance.



バイク、車、自転車 (主にクラシック&ヴィンテージ)




Memoires in Paris 01: Pierre from Rocker Speed Shop, Bertrand from Cafe Racer Magazine

Pierre from Rocker Speed Shop

If you are in Paris, pay a visit to his shop, Rocker Speed Shop. He will explain about his beloved items he proudly stocks. He is tough and tough looking but his heart is diamond.

パリに行った際には、ぜひ彼のショップRocker Speed Shopへ。ブリティッシュ、アメリカン、ジャパニーズのハイクオリティーなアイテムが満載です。強面のピエールは、見た目通り、いかつい人なんですが、実はすごく優しい人。

19, rue Commines 75003 Paris

His beautiful workshop, his attention to details is superb.


Racing Rudge, Sports Special


His Hot Rod, the sound of engine was like a big beast, it revved up so sharp as a well-filed knife. The cooling fan is a high speed racing one and that tells the power of the engine clearly. The seats are from a genuine bomber plane and no modern repro parts are used on this beast, he explained.


Harley Davidson Sports Star 1989, 883cc

Pierre kindly gave me a bike had bought for his wife during my stay in Paris. To be honest, as a cafe racer and British bike nut, it was my first time to have a go on a Harley Davidson for a few days. It was much lighter than I imagined and very fun to ride, I must admit. It is totally different from vertical twin bikes so is nonsense to compare with British twins I have ridden but the bike came up in my mind was Kawasaki W650 somehow.

I guess, It was because of the smoothness and the type of vibration, they reminded me of W650. (If I had tasted an earlier iron Sports Star, my impression would have been different. ) It is like you are riding on the vibration itself and you are pushed from behind gently. I now understand some own both British and American bikes, both of them are simply great fun.

Rocker Speed Shopのピエールが、サプライズでバイクを貸してくれました。彼の奥方用に購入したハーレーダビッドソン 1989年製のスポーツスター (883cc)。カフェレーサー&ブリティッシュバイク・ナッツ(おたく)として数日間ハーレーを乗り回したことは初めての経験でした。

想像していたよりも随分と軽く、取り回しも楽。そして足付きがいいので、座り心地の良い椅子に腰掛けているような感覚とでもいいましょうか。エンジンのフィーリングはブリティッシュのものとは当然ながら全く違うのですが、ふと頭に浮かんだバイクは何故だかKawasaki W650。


Bertrand from Cafe Racer Magazine
Triumph Trackmaster special with TR6 (Bored up to 750cc) engine

フランス&ヨーロッパにて展開する雑誌 Cafe Racerのボス、バートランド。何年も前に、組み上がったばかりのこのトライアンフの写真を見せてもらっていましたがようやく生で拝見。彼のオフィスまで後ろに乗せてもらいましたが、軽快にキビキビと走るマシンでした。