BSA Empire Star and M24 Gold Star

BSA M24 Gold Star Specialist, Mr George Wander's machines. The Empire Star is the faithful re-creation of the BSA's works machine ridden by Walter Handley at Brooklands and he achieved the legendary 'Gold Star Badge'. And this M24 Gold Star is the 2nd production machine ever built by BSA in amazing unrestored condition and George has been riding the gem. I did 2 pages article of his Empire Star in the latest, special edition of Lightning magazine in Japan 'My Favorite Vintage'. I shot this photo at Brooklands when the biggest Gold Star gathering was held and I was with my beloved Goldie.


Mr Rick Parkington with Rex Acme

Mr Rick Parkington with his Rex Acme in 2008-ish at The festival of 1000 bikes, Mallory Park. I remember just after this shot, he asked me to take a photo with his dear friend, Mr Archie Beggs. His name may sound familiar to you as Rick made an article about him in Classic Bike mag also Mr James Robinson also did in The Classic Motorcycle mag.


別冊ライトニング My Favorite Vintage Norton Inaternational

1935 Norton International owned by Mr Rick Parkington from Classic Bike Magazine in UK. I did 2 pages article of his machine in the latest, special edition of Lightning magazine in Japan 'My Favorite Vintage'.

1935年 ノートン・インターナショナル。敬愛するリック・パーキントン氏の愛車の1台。本日発売となった、別冊ライトニング「My Favorite Vintage」。素敵なエンスージアスト、5名の方について寄稿させていただきました。


BSA Gold Star 台風前のひとっ走り


Had a morning blast before one of the biggest typhoons in this year struck!


AJS 16MC in snow


End of the summer... but still difficult to remember how cold the snow is!

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